Friday, February 5, 2010

One song/one listen: Organos

by Wild Bill Heroic

So there's been a ton of buzz about this Organos project... a ton, a serious ton. It's the future of the internet, things can be local and viral at the same time. COOL!

I'm naturally curious, so I'm going to head to her/their myspace or reverbnation or whatever the search gods lead me to first, pick a song I like the name of, and write a stream-of-consciousness reaction to said song. When the song is over I'll finish the sentence I'm on, even if I have to do so abruptly, and that'll be that. Genuine, instant reaction. Who likes free jazz? I do! I do! Skronk! Bleek! Florp!

I promise you, this is the first time I've heard this jam. Headphones on & here goes...

Organos - October (link

Acoustic shuffles starting off, but holyshit I wasn't expecting that discord. Like a mad chord wandering among pretty chords and now there are these big fucking things walking in the background. They're like goddamn AT-ATs from Star Wars. She's "aaaah"-ing among these marching beasts, and that's all I can tell the percussion section is, it's a bunch of war machines but they're not headed to war. They're headed to the beach. They've packed their Martin 00s and they're packing umbrellas and they're getting sand in their beer. Here comes some more percussion, more recognizable stuff like hand drums and hand claps. Now the focus is off the war machines on vacation, and her "aaaah" on its own slides out with a final, pretty, chord that denies the intentional offset of the contrast chord.

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