Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Infiltration and Movement, Vol 4. week of 2.24.10

Felix Obelix Album Cover

Today's lesson: Never use the term "ninja" when speaking in public.

Available Assignments:

2/24 WED (506) Where the Buffalo Roamed, The Last Tallboy, Charming Youngsters - In a town full of folk rock heros hunting Southern Rock villains, Where The Buffalo Roamed politely keeps to themselves save they are forced to take sides. PS, this show starts in 20 minutes. chop chop. 9:30 PM, Free - Carrboro Ninja

2/25 THR (The Pinhook) Tender Fruit, Nervous But Excited, Humble Tripe - I didn't make it to Day two of Double Barrel to see Tender Fruit but I saw the pics and it appears Cristy has unsheathed the Danelectro. 9:30 PM

2/25 THR (Tir Na Nog) The Jackets, Small Ponds, & Starmount - Chris Tamplin promotes the Tir Na Nog Local Beer, local Band series and has been on a roll lately with bookings and great shows. Continuing the momentum this Thursday. 10 PM, Free

2/25 THR (506) Birds and Arrows, Lucky, Mandolin Orange - Mandolin Orange and Birds and Arrows redux their shimmering performances of three weeks ago at the 506 Haiti Benefit.

2/25 THR (The Station) Free Electric State - I almost want to get a pair of headphones with Free Electric State in the left ear and Birds and Arrows in the right ear. I would either go crazy or I would go sane, but I would hate to have to choose between these two fine Triangle bands. - Wild Bill Heroic

2/26 FRI (Broad Street Cafe) Rat Jackson, I Was Totally Destroying It, River City Ransom - Rat Jackson has successfully created a new music sub genre which I refer to as Indie Rock-a-billy.

2/26 FRI (Pinhook) The Proclivities, Mosdai Music, Shipwrecker - The Proclivities brought a great show to Tir Na Nog last Thursday, expect the same Friday at Pinhook.

2/27 SAT (The Cavern Tavern) John Harrison, Doug Keith - Out of towner Doug Keith pairs up with North Elementary front man Harrison for some soul rock at the Cave. This is important: Doug and John are playing the early show at The Cave, 7:30 PM...With more than a couple exceptional shows happening on Saturday night in Chap Hill, this will be the de facto pre-party. Straight 8's w The Gasoline Stove play late. 7:30 PM, $5.

2/27 SAT (506) The Whiskey Smugglers, Aminal, Saint Solitude - Speaking of folk rock heros and Southern rock villains, this show will be a deadly shootout between the two factions. Load up and get yourself in the fray. Reaction from Wild Bill Heroic: His solo show was the shit, he created pop masterpieces like you'd typically expect a powerpop trio to pull off... only he did so with a post rock-style pedalboard! Loops and loops and loops and loops, layers and layers of loops, endless strata of snapping and squealing telecasters and rumbling keyboards. Feedback falcons perched in full view of the dead-eyed gargoyles atop, feedback violins tucked into alcoves in a great cathedral of intelligent artpop. Now he has a band, so let's get in our stupid cars this weekend and see if the new incarnation is as radass as the solo Saint Solitude. Here's hoping.

2/27 SAT (Nightlight) Felix Obelix (CD Release) The Strugglers + string section - this will be the most creative thing that happens in Chapel Hill this Release) weekend. $8 admission gets you in the show AND a copy of the CD AND a letter to your future self. Note from Wendy Spitzer:

Yes, there will be an interactive project called "Letters to Your Future Self". All attendees of the night will get, with admission, some stationery and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Attendees are invited to write a letter to him or herself, put it in the envelope and seal it up. I will hold onto the letters for 8 months and mail them in October 2010. So if you come to this show, in addition to the Felix Obelix record, you'll get a letter from your past self, eight months from now.

2/27 SAT (Tir Na Nog) Beggar's Caravan - Beggar's has been hiding in the shadows rumored to be working on new material. Running Tir Na Nog on Saturday night 10:30 PM

2/27 SAT (The Space) All Your Science w/ poets Stacy Szymaszek, Stephanie Bolster - The Space is at 715 Washington Street in Durham. AYS is the most elusive band on the planet. Here is your look!

3/2 SAT (The Cave) Songwriters Open-Mic w/ John Saylor. - barring none this is the finest open mic in the land. Late show, 10 PM, free.

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