Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Infiltration and Movement, Vol 3. week of 2.15.10

poster by John Harrison

Today's lesson: You are always being observed. Always.

Available Assignments:

2/17 WED (506) American Aquarium, John Howie Jr. and the Rosewood Bluff - American Aquarium just finished cutting a new record at Fat Possum in Mississippi and have been burning rubber behind it ever since. The venerable John Howie Jr leads another posse of unsuspecting souls right into the bottleneck pass of heartache. - Hidden Tiger

2/18 THR (Tir Na Nog) North Elementary, The Proclivities -Tir Na Nog's weekly homegrown concert series Local Beer, Local Band presents a couple of local greats this week. And if I am wrong about this then fuck it, but I believe there will be a solo set by Stu McLamb at 9 PM.

2/18 THR (The Cave) La Snacks, Transmography, K_niv_es Austin, TX steers its college town conestoga into our quiet hamlet with a triple bill at the tavern. In celebration of the melting snow, Transmography cometh to create a mental image of a sharp shovel cutting through the sludge. La Snacks gets it on with their mid-nineties Matador records loving selves, and mystery electronicites K_niv_es remind us why we loved them so as A Problem of Alarming Dimensions. - Hidden Tiger

2/18 THR (Blue Bayou) Radar Clowns of Sedation - Pied piper of Mebane, Pete Pawsey, summons all the rats and children from of the upper counties to the Blue Bayou for free a show. His backing band of drowsy clowns will stand you up, just so his soulful British blues harp can smack you back down. Take it like a man. - Hidden Tiger

2/18 THR (Nightlight) Applesauce, Zeke Graves -The country blues duo of Applesauce is Mark Holland and his graveled hurt-speak vocals and Pete Waggoner trying to make you tear up by bending guitar strings. 9:30 PM $5. - Carrboro Ninja

2/18 THR (Reservoir) Colossus, Mortal Man, Salvacion - Holy crap, this looks wild. Buildings might be toppled (trampled?). All virgins within a ten mile radius of the Res are going to get their first true 'gasm from the vibrations in the very bedrock. METAL. MEH-TAL. METAL, MËTÄL... and not just any metal, but some of this is ridiculous hero metal! You absolutely have to love the glorious middle ground between the Hell's Angels and a level 12 paladin with a +3/+3 longsword of truth. You have to. I'll hear no disagreement. - Wild Bill Heroic

F you all if you can't find a show to attend on Thursday - Carrboro Ninja

2/19 FRI (The Pinhook) Schooner, Erie Choir, Veelee -This is the Schooner Duck Kee Sessions ARTWORK release party for their new album which was released exclusive to Cy Tunes on Feb 9. A who-is-who of local artists such as Catherine Edgerton and her TELL TALE mixed media goodness have each created exquisite artwork for this project. This Friday at show time will be the first that the art is available with download codes attached. Show begins at 9 PM with stand-up comedy by The Popular kids. $5.

2/20 SAT (506) Dirty Little Heaters, Red Collar, Pink Flag - This is the Dirty Little Heaters CD Release show and Reece has the field lined with artillery. Pink Flag and Red Collar are what we call guitar-important and if you haven't been moved by the time they end their sets, Reece's Fender will pin your shit against the wall. Be ready. 10 PM $7

2/20 SAT (Nightlight) The Whiskey Smugglers, Popsie's Field, Lizzy Ross and the Little Bear that Barks, Black Swamp Bootleggers - This show will be from 5 PM to 9 PM and is part of the Carrboro Home Brew Fest. Pre-sale tik's are sold out but their website is promising more tik's sold at the door. tik's pretel? $10. http://worldhomebrewfest.eventbrite.com

2/20 SAT (Nightlight) Monsonia, Actual Persons Living or Dead, Le Weekend - Le Weekend hasn't done a show since the deadly shark attack last September. We welcome them back with respect and reverences. 10 PM $5

more Schooner art, this one by Chip Hoppin at The Merch in Carrboro

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