Thursday, March 31, 2011

IWTD Fight/Flight Video Review

Rachel Hirsh
Trianglemusic blog just posted a a degree of radness that is bumping the temp on I Was Totally Destroying It 's mercury. The heat is emanating from a vid for their new song "Fight/Flight" and its steaming with master control cinematography and high def romanticism. Strong voiced front man John Booker steps away from the light on this one giving way to soft voiced Rachel Hirsh who makes five minutes worth of camera eyes in bullet time whilst a bazaar of icy hot scenery and reveling figures carousel through the shadows around her. Strapped in black leather and staged in a striking dream scape of time stretched focus, Hirsh is a visual harbinger for the track's breathy and whispering high altitude vocals. "Fight/Flight" is tracked on Preludes which is releasing April 12 on Grayday records. Thanks Jesus for my Motorola Droid2, Im'a streaming this one on the drive home. --Carrboro Ninja