Friday, March 4, 2016

Happening Now! - Brett Harris, The Everymen, Shark Week

Brett Harris - Up In The Air

Brett Harris glosses the era of rock and roll antiquity which gave the term singer/songwriter a face. Dylan, Van Zandt, Kristofferson...bold personalities with a voice to cut through the mix of 60s power genres and sing the American story. With the whirly keys and Beattlesesque pop brightness seen in Up In The Air, Brett Harris soars through the decades to bring the counter culture of early American Folk Rock into focus once again. The Cat's Cradle Back Room in Carrboro, NC hosts a release show for Up In The Air on Friday, March 4th at 8 PM. THAT'S HAPPENING NOW!!!

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There we will also find Wilmington native and Carrboro familiar Sean Gerard giving similar accounts to folk rock as he plays in support. Seemingly torn from the same cloth as Harris, Sean Gerard moves crowds with hooky feels whilst beating on a big six string acoustic guitar. The Real Official Opens.

New Jersey ex-pats The Everymen are making Chapel Hill their home and putting truck loads of hi-fidelity twang everywhere there is an open space. The Cave on Wednesday March 9th will receive a delivery. The Everymen are genre benders, molding indie, pop, and metal to their delight. With a new long-play incoming and a March tour kicking off next week, there is little time to settle in. Slingshot Cash opens the show with both kinds of country filtered through a rock and roll lens. Campfires and Constellations gets on with their psychedelic country outlawness in the headliner spot. Bringing all the bluegrass instruments to bear with a very forward rock and roll beat, Campfires is just one black leather jacket short of being rockabilly.

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Surfy garage pop meets surfy garage pop when Shark Week shares a billing with Greensboro's Wahyas at Slim's Downtown on Sunday March 13th. Wahyas is Joshua Johnson (Pinche Gringo) rattling the electric guitar and Lindsey Sprague, formerly of Daddy Issues, on drums (actually drum...singular.) Their songs are sparse and directional while being riff heavy and unpredictable, like the wind...but if the wind played surf rock. Shark Week recreates the sounds crashing waves and wipe outs with twangy reverberated guitars and urgent doo wop minus the doo wop. --Carrboro Ninja