Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mad-Libs with Missy Thangs!

In a futile attempt to understand what is going on inside Missy Thangs' head, Wednesday we google chatted through a side splitting Mad-Lib. Through the course of the conversation I learned that Missy's band Soft Company is making a few off-season trades to acquire members from The Huguenots and Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies, that The Love Language for whom she plays keys is hard at work on their legitimate business , and that she knows the difference between adjectives and adverbs quite well, quite well indeed.

The syntax of my chat with Ms Thangs;

me: you have a mathematical personality, did you know that = yes+maybe?
missythangs: well duh!
me: har har
missythangs: haha sup?
me: reading up on what the difference between an adverb and an adjective is
missythangs: ahhh speaking of mathematical
adverb = -ly
me: smip+ly
missythangs: hah. my manager just told me i look like peppermint pattie from charlie brown
sup wit that?
me: sounds like he's trying to control your ego. kick him in the knee
missythangs: haha
i ran out of gas to heat the house yesterday
me: i'm looking on your reverb page and i don't see any more shows...did i completely miss the soft company business for this month...
missythangs: it's the temperature of a wine cellar in here
me: oh damn...burn pizza boxes
missythangs: a nice 50 degrees
my wine is perfectly chilled hahaha i'm FREEZING. but the wine... perfecto!
soft company biz is still rollin
me: the always resourceful missy thangs
missythangs: hah
we were asked to play a few other shows but i had to hold off to wait and see what happened with LL biz
we have a new band, and new songs, new album, new label, new hairstyles
we bizy
me: legitimate biz
missythangs: yeah definitely
that and i'm starting a new project called chalet fir
my girl
me: i was informed there may be a line up change...no one said anything about hair styles though...whoa
missythangs: hahah
naw kiddin
me: whew cause.....
missythangs: !!
me: cause because
did you have a show last sat at Nightlight or did it snow out like everyone else
missythangs: yes!!!!!
we did and it was awesome!
there were over 35 people!
which honestly.. it doesn't get that full on a summer weekend night
my new band is so great i love them so much and am so grateful
me: hot damn and ggrrrrrr...i wanted to be there (hiding of course...in the shadows)
missythangs: they are tigers of love!
i wish you had made it.. but the roads were almost impossible to drive on
me: yes tigers...symbolic of cunning and survival...rather than the lion, symbolic of lazy as shit
you like mad-libs?
missythangs: hahah
why i yes.
i do!
missythangs: what a coincidence!
that we are here!
both ready for mad libbing!
(not a lion)
me: well since we are here both ready for mad mad-libbing...guess what i have?
oh yes
missythangs: yess????
the suspense.. it's killing me!
me: the best of mad libs! over 400 pages
missythangs: OH SHIT!
me: and i have one piked out for aaayou
missythangs: piked!
good thang i did hundreds of these as a kid
me: i'm not going to tell you the title...that would be too easy
missythangs: i'm so ready
me: hheheh, i'm giddy...ok....give me a "noun"
wait, i need a pen
missythangs: hahah
okay a noun
get a pen!
me: awesome, got it
missythangs: umpire
thass my noun
me: and a good one

after that there was a lot of
missythangs: hope that's not offensive! and is that how it's spelled?
and some
me: omg my sides hurt. and wtf does that even mean?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mad-Libs with Missy Thangs:


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