Thursday, February 4, 2010

Infiltration and Movement, Vol I - Week of 2.1.10

Double Barrel 7 poster

Today's lesson: Accomplish the mission, failure is not an option.

Available assignments:

2/4 THR (Broad Street Cafe) Anna Rose Beck - This is Debut night for recent Duke grad singer-songwriter Anna Rose Beck who may be brilliant, we'll learn more tonight. Anna plays the early show at 8 PM, Americana-roots-stompin-music Luego at 10 PM

2/5 FRI (The Pour House MAX Indian, Bellafea, Veelee, The Light Pines -WKNC 88.1 Double Barrel Benefit #7 Day 1. The last time I watched Josh singing, it was at Kings and something about a bear. Finally I get a chance to see side project-ville that looks more like old school-ville and sounds like it could be new school-ville.

2/5 FRI (Slim's) Patrick Phelan (Luego)- Sly dog Patrick Phelan scores and early show at Slim's as part of First Friday. May as well call this the Dbbl Barrel Benefit pre-party

2/5 FRI (Local 506) Free Electric State, Retribution Gospel Choir, Rat Jackson - The hypnotically beautiful simplicity of FES in the same room with the in-your-face Indy rockabilly of Rat Jackson....Yes, Please

2/6 SAT (The Pour House) Roman Candle, Spider Bags, Midtown Dickens, The Tender Fruit(s) -WKNC 88.1 Double Barrel Benefit #7 Day 2. Roman Candle making a brief stop AT HOME before launching back out into space.

2/6 SAT (Nightlight) Mountains, Horseback, Tape, Ghost Hand - additional notes from Wild Bill Heroic: "That looks like a droned-out, noise-through-the-roof, pop your eyeballs out of your head with molten rock goodness like an extra in Beetlejuice, good time." PS, Tape is from Stockholm in case you are looking for foreigners to scam. 9:30 PM.

2/6 SAT (Local 506) A grand-master Haiti Relief benefit at 506 on Saturday. 6+ bands performing Dylan and Petty covers. Bands on the bill thus far include: Birds & Arrows, Big Fat Gap, Gambling the Muse, Mary Johnson Rockers, Mandolin Orange, THE Pneurotics, Semi-Formal, It is rain in my face. 9 PM

2/6 SAT (The Cave) The Sinful Savage Tigers, Mandolin Orange - go on with your bad selves Mandolin Orange, two shows in one night! ...murderous, The Sinful Savage Tigers string trio brings it home. 10 PM

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