Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Infiltration and Movement, Vol 2 week of 2.8.10

Broad Street Poster

Today's lesson: If you are captured, escape.

Available assignments:

2/9 TUE (The Pinhook) Barton Carroll, Wood Ear -The word "songsmith" gets used in the first sentence of every notice Seattle's Barton Carroll gets, so I'm not going to even mention it. Crisp and clear lyricism for a cloudy midweek. Durham's own porch rockers Wood Ear to kick out the bolts. - Crouching Tiger. $5, 8 PM

2/10 WED (Slims) Birds & Arrows, Deleted Scenes, Oblio -Birds and Arrows knocked 200 people off their feet last Saturday night at the 506 Haiti Benefit with their better-than-the-real-thing remake of "Don't Come Around Here No More" They are worth trying to stand up to again. - Carrboro Ninja. 9 PM.

2/11 THR (The Cave) Jimbo Mathis and the Tri-State Coalition, The Small Ponds, Laura Cortese -You know the side, world--motherfucking--wide. I am personally driving a van around the state of North Carolina kidnapping orphan children to bring them to this show. And yes, that's the opening gambit of my campaign for Senate. - Crouching Tiger.

2/11 THR (Tir Na Nog) Bright Young Things, Luego, Naked Gods - Tir Na Nog-Local Beer, Local Band and I was told Naked Gods sound like The Band circa 1969 which is ironic...check this blog tomorrow to see why.. 8 PM.

2/12 FRI (Pittsboro General Store) Straight 8s -In a some dark cave up in SW Virginia there's a grisly, old cuss whose been dancing like a goddam machine to rockabilly for 60 straight years. In fact the fate of the very universe depends on his constant, determined motion. The Straight 8s are in heavy rotation on his victrola. Go forth to Pittsboro and multiply. - Crouching Tiger.

2/12 FRI (The Cave) Demolition String Band, the Moaners, Pneurotics - Pneurotics fronted by quite possibly the best natural guitar player alive or a man destined for hell due to his deal with the leader of the underworld, and The Moaners a Chapel Hill duo crafted from a solid piece of ice that makes everything around it a little bit cooler, and Demolition String Band which is a near favorite of each of the first two. - Carrboro Ninja

2/12 FRI (The Soapbox) MAX Indian, Ryan Gustafson, Light Pines - Josh Pope is a fucking super star. 'nuff said.

2/12 FRI (Broad Street Cafe) Jeremy Blair From Effingham, Sequoya -Jeremy Blair From Effingham is a pack of highly evolved wolves who retreated from the wilderness in search of the meaning of life and write folk rock songs about their journey. Sequoya continues to play their delicious album Sleep and Dream of Fire. 10 PM

2/13 SAT (The Pinhook) New Town Drunks, The Kinksmen - Valentines Day Mardi Gras Party in Durham, NC which which means free beads and the ability to look your friends in eye the next day, but probably with a delicious hangover. 9 PM, $5 (pay-up bitches!)

2/13 SAT (Slims) The Moaners, Demolition String Band, Chip Robinson - Day two for The Moaners and DSB, this time picking up Chip Robinson

2/13 SAT (Berkley Cafe) Lonnie Walker, Gross Ghost, Onward Soldiers - yes...Yes....YEEESSSSS! 8 PM.

2/13 SAT (Broad Street Cafe) Brett Harris - Brett brings more bad ass guitars to the Broad Street Cafe stage and plays songs from his new album. 8 PM.

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