Monday, May 25, 2015

Preview: Shivery Shakes + Seabreeze Diner + The Charming Youngsters at The Cave 5/25 (Tonight omg!)


Driving in from Austin with an eye-smiling fuzzy surf vibe foot on the pedal, Shivery Shakes' van stops tonight when it firmly connects with The Cave in Chapel Hill. When they swing open the doors, be ready for overtly beach pop sounds, shooting melodies, and unabashed twang to pour out all over the place. Their 2014 release Three Waves & A Shake, is a dead giveaway that The Cave tonight will be reverberating with enough chime to make a grandfather clock put on a Hawaiian shirt and go listen.

Well adding to the fuzz+chime+vibe are local groups Sea Breeze Diner and The Charming Youngsters, whom are the newest crop of indie bands that would go in your basket if they were veggies and you you walking the isles at the farmer's market. Seabreeze Diner blasts infectious pop riffs at damaged crooning vocals until dancing is the only suitable response. The Charming Youngsters brilliantly layer stretchy fuzz, head banging down strokes, crisp harmonies, and bubblegum whimsy to their heart's content. Its a symphony of "yes!" and they always seem genuinly surprised when the audience responds with thunderous aplause...its totes adorbs. Tonight 5/25 at The Cave in Chapel Hill at 9 PM $5. --Carrboro Ninja