Monday, March 2, 2015

Preview: Leland Sundries, Ramblin' Andy - Slim's


Brooklyn based Leland Sundries borrows the nostalgia of generations who lived and loved before us and maintains their sweet remind with the jangle of folk rock guitars and the gravity of mellow baritone Nick Loss-Eaton. Their collection of songs presents Americana as if holding a pen to paper and listing that which they hold dear. In the lines they form, stories and melodies drift like clouds across a lifetime of skies which are colored neither blue nor gray, calm nor turbulent...just recalled with fondness and awe.

Setting out on a seven show run late February, Leland Sundries makes two stops in our neck of the woods. Wednesday March 4th at Slim's in Raleigh, and Thursday March 5th at Mystery Brewing in Hillsborough, a spot which continually makes a name for itself with their award winning craft brews and for bring a steady stream of talented Americana and folk rock artists from points unknown to entertain the locals.

Traveling with Leland Sundries is the crooner Ramblin' Andy whose call and warble is akin to the roots of country yet sophisticated enough to move to the city. -- @carrboroninja

Carrboro Ninja is Jeremy Blair,
Writer, people lover, and singer for The Affectionates.

Watch Leland Sundries' music video for their song "Elegy"

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Compilation: Broken Hearts Broken Sounds

Broken Hearts Broken Sounds

Carrboro, NC based promoter Michael Charles Wood has leagued with Raleigh label Silber Records to stack 18 South Eastern bands, give or take a couple from The West Coast and/or Mars...onto a compilation that's all about falling in (and out) of love. And its just in time for Valentine's Day...no shortage of romantics in this ensemble. The theme for this comp is the altered state of consciousness which is love, but you won't find any model citizens of Sweetheartville USA among the broken emotions and bittersweet send offs of this collection. For, if you ask an indie pop band within the envelope of Athens, Columbia, and Raleigh to write a love song, they will first write a beautiful melody, followed by an engaging arrangement, then rip shit about that last fucked up relationship they were in. These bands know love hurts and they like a dash of salt in the wound. Among its abundance, the comp offers a steady mix of overtly pretty songs (acoustic guitars and all), no talking-just action instrumentals...and the purely experimental. ...all in all a pretty good metaphor for the relationships of musicians, no? The full comp can be downloaded from Bandcamp in name-your-price format here: Broken Hearts Broken Sounds or at Silber's home page: Silbermedia.com/brokenhearts/. --Carrboro Ninja -- @carrboroninja

Here is a fine representative track by Feel No Other titled "Even The Blue"

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Show Review: Alpha Cop

Motorco, Durham
July 25, 2014

What's Alpha Cop like?

Like a group of weird contemporary* folks gave up working on the community supported garden and started a cyborg production facility in Bahama with plans to expand with a new co-op somewhere in Durham, posing as a food truck, sponsored by Viewers Like You and the Santa Fe Natural American Spirit Medical Sciences Division. Not the slightest bit concerned. Not sold out. Bought wholesale into the reality of industry eating itself for breakfast, lunch and din-din. Living in the sugary sporadic confection of hip martyrdom. Rejoicing in the somber noise of insanity.

Like that time after seventeen straight days of fourteen hour shifts, when six and a half minutes of intense concentration resulted in one migraine, three panic attacks and two epiphanies for these intrepid slackers. Break out the fiddle and pick up the Tele. Pluck. Cry a little. Capo the bass. Scream too much. Laugh at stupid flesh, moles and horsehair. Play. Shove metal into Ken dolls. Pull nylon hairs from Skipper. Fuck Barbie. And her flaming single-wide trailer in the background.

Their stimulating approach to rock drew me in and then more cigarettes had to happen as I processed my ping ponging emotions. Appreciate the sound's ability to reach through walls. Still listening. The audience. Is the void semicircle in front of the stage necessary? The floor is lava. Obviously. Static and stunned. Nodding in a combined effort. Like that was enough gesticulation for one night. Why aren't they dancing? Thrashing about like so many tadpoles? Cyborgs. Apparently. Whiskey and noise. Noise and bourbon and cheap beer. Sex legs. He said "Fuck up more often." Don't listen to me. Listen to them. -- Mork N. Sirl

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