Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Track Review: The Huguenots "I Would Say"

The Huguenots

If the bell like chiming of The Huguenots clean cut guitar strokes and bouncy vintage wrapped vocals aloft in "I Would Say" are chief to the look and feel of their ready and approaching self titled LP then the Spring is about to kick off with a fun album. "I Would Say" puts on a 1950's doo-wop-esque smile and swings for three and a half minutes of smart indie-pop guitar licks. Layers ranging from acoustic guitar to stomp-box drive give the track depths of creativity and maintain the flow of interest in and out of the songs changes as Sam Logan's toneful vocals turn the title chorus into a memorable hook.

We find out more on what this album is made of this Friday as The Huguenots is released on stage at The Local 506 in Chapel Hill. Always-favored-to-win The Tomahawks open. 10 PM, $6. --Carrboro Ninja

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