Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two Free Passes for Jer Coons/Matt Duke at Local 506 Tonight

jer coons

The first legit day of spring in these parts (that in which it isn't raining or annoyingly sunny but still cold) is today and raise your hand if you agree that calls for heading out. Tonight, The Local 506 may be hosting the archetypal show for just this type of a day...brightened up, silver tongued, shiny acoustic folk pop. That is, the Jer Coons tour swings through Chapel Hill tonight with opener Matt Duke leading off at 9:30...just right for a blue cup at He's Not before the show. Am I right? Tiks are $8 at the door and I have two that I can give away right now. In lieu of a creative way to award these passes I'm going to default to the first person to e-mail me at carrboro.ninja (at) gmail dot com.

Jer Coons myspace: myspace

Matt Duke myspace: myspace

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  1. congrats Heywood Jablome, hope you enjoyed the show...