Friday, March 26, 2010

Spider Bags: Dog in the Snow

Dog in the Snow

Spider Bags' newest release Dog in the Snow is putting plenty of heavy fuzz on the table for those hungry for unrefined garage rock and God bless Durham, they didn't forget to pour some anti-folk sugar on top. Much coarser than their purposefully refined Indy rock equivalents, these tracks boil with marching heavy footed commotion. There is a very physical and complex drum kit versus guitar donnybrook trading punches on this two-song 7" and the resulting aftermath is a salt-of-the-earth analog rudder that drags and plows its way from the beginning of side A to the end of side B. Amidst the blitz however, Spider Bags offers a jesting, rascally, and playful narration. The lyrics skate across the turned up ground like a quick witted jack rabbit...whimsical, loose, and hip. Presented as pulp thought free of resolution, Spider Bags employs undeniable rock and roll rhythm with draw-your-own-conclusion anthem shouts to paint the picture of this album. In this sense they are not telling a story, the imagery these songs create between the heavy and light characters shoves you into a dramatic dream scape where you create your own.

Pressed into five-hundred good old fashioned vinyl records by Chaz at Bull City Records, Spider Bags will celebrate the release of Dog in the Snow Friday April 2 at The Pinhook in downtown Durham alongside The Dry Heathens . You can pick up the record and the record's ipod friendly download code at the show or at Bull City Records 1916 Perry Street Durham, NC. --Carrboro Ninja

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