Friday, January 6, 2017

Melissa Swingle Playing The Saw

With the rare instance of the expatriated Alex Bowers visiting from his new home across the pond came a spontaneous show at The Cave. Even more spontaneous seemed to be Melissa Swingle's appearance as she walked in half way through the set with a saw and bow in hand, went directly on stage and did this. Enjoy!

Alex Bowers on piano there, RJ Ventre on the standup double upright giant bass, Dan Hall on drums, and of course Melissa Swingle of Trailer Bride, The Moaners, and The Melissa Swingle Duo...playing the saw. Earlier in the evening the backing trio of Alex, RJ, and Dan played some spunky western jazz along with Ashley Hayes on acoustic guitar and Wendy Hayes on vocals. Sometimes you walk through The Cave to get to Franklin Street. Sometimes you don't make it out the other door. - Carrboro Ninja

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