Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Compilation: Broken Hearts Broken Sounds

Broken Hearts Broken Sounds

Carrboro, NC based promoter Michael Charles Wood has leagued with Raleigh label Silber Records to stack 18 South Eastern bands, give or take a couple from The West Coast and/or Mars...onto a compilation that's all about falling in (and out) of love. And its just in time for Valentine's Day...no shortage of romantics in this ensemble. The theme for this comp is the altered state of consciousness which is love, but you won't find any model citizens of Sweetheartville USA among the broken emotions and bittersweet send offs of this collection. For, if you ask an indie pop band within the envelope of Athens, Columbia, and Raleigh to write a love song, they will first write a beautiful melody, followed by an engaging arrangement, then rip shit about that last fucked up relationship they were in. These bands know love hurts and they like a dash of salt in the wound. Among its abundance, the comp offers a steady mix of overtly pretty songs (acoustic guitars and all), no talking-just action instrumentals...and the purely experimental. ...all in all a pretty good metaphor for the relationships of musicians, no? The full comp can be downloaded from Bandcamp in name-your-price format here: Broken Hearts Broken Sounds or at Silber's home page: Silbermedia.com/brokenhearts/. --Carrboro Ninja -- @carrboroninja

Here is a fine representative track by Feel No Other titled "Even The Blue"

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