Thursday, August 12, 2010

Show Review: The Whigg Report, 2702 Lawndale House Party

The Whigg Report at 2702 Lawndale

The Durham underground rock sub-culture has an energy infusing movement within its roots which braces the broader fruit bearing branches at campus edges, downtown spaces, and everywhere else troika takes us. Not easily detected in motion and leaving very few traceable signs, the d.i.y. house party rock and roll phenomenon in Durham is quietly extending a meaningful impact on the sub-culture as a whole. Bringing forth excitement and yielding buzz, the movement is rising from the realization that when a music culture is grown by the hands of those living among it, the sense of ownership and pride feeds its growth. With a spade in one hand and a half busted PA in the other, seeds have been sewn in living rooms and dining rooms across town and rock shows are springing up for the harvest.

Nicked "The Layabout", one such back forty is being cultivated at 2702 Lawndale and turning the earth is it's primary resident, DJ, and show promoter Criag Powell who is turning the lights down and amps up a few times a month. Clearing tables and chairs and making b.y.o.b. space in a bachelor's fridge is the formula for The Layabout's show prep and steady stream of new friends is the crop. On Friday last week, the sweet and salty anti anti of The Whigg Report report poured an aestival shimmer on The Layabout with their jazzed up one-horn rhythm section, tore down garage rock drum kit and show-you-how-its-done acoustic-through-a-tube-amp crunchiness. Representing all good time bands for a good time rock and roll show, The Whigg Report may indeed be a perfect billing for a hot summer Durham house party. The whimsical and fun chasing nature of their song writing pairs up with dead serious musicianship for unanticipated magnetism and charisma, but its was their ability to engage the audience playing off kilter and unique anti-folk or by chatting up between songs that kept the mood house-party on Friday.

"The Layabout" opens the front porch screen door for another open to all rock show this Sunday August fifteenth at eight PM, this time hosting local hot rock Pink Flag and two out of towners Eux Autres and Byrds of Paradise. --Carrboro Ninja

The Whigg Report at 2702 Lawndale

The Whigg Report at 2702 Lawndale

The Whigg Report at 2702 Lawndale

The Whigg Report at 2702 Lawndale

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  1. Well thank you Carrboro Ninja. We love us some Layabout fun.

    Ben, The Wigg Report


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