Friday, April 16, 2010

In Case You Missed It - Vol. 1

the light pines
The Light Pines
The Pour House, Raleigh
April 15, 2010

So fortunate my mental objections were overruled by the thoughts of too many "in-nights" in my Virginia-border Walden. Last Thursday night the The Pour House featured an irresistible lineup. Sandwiched in the middle of it was the somewhat recently-emerged Light Pines. Having recorded material much earlier and before making sweet, sonic whoopie with the Love Language for a spell, the Light Pines really didn't begin playing shows until the end of last year. I first saw them at the Drug Horse show in December and later at the Double Barrel Benefit. So I was not duped in the slightest when the Light Pines attempted to pull us in to a false sense of serenity with the tranquil "Come With Us." That only ropes you in for the eruption of "Black Swans" (personal favorite) and explosion of "Healers." They closed with the perfect "Climbing Towards You."

The term "drum and bass" gives me a headache, but Thursday night was better than "Mellow Mushroom-eatin', Lookie what I got at Redbox, awkwardly tense but you know it's gonna happen anyway, first-time with the new one" sex. The drums and bass are provided by real and raw musicians that absolutely ruined any chances of anyone being my second favorite band. I mention drum and bass because that's what you hear most prominently in the sound. And what a fresh sound it is. If you picked up the Drug Horse One EP (which features "Climbing Towards You"), then you've been exposed to some of the areas better bands. Just remember: you haven't truly experienced the Light Pines until you have SEEEEEN the Light Pines. I'm down for any shows that don't involve me missing work or life-saving surgery.

Their indie street cred already established from their work with The Capulets, The Love Language, and Max Indian, Josh Pope's Light Pines are likely a handful of shows like last night from being my new favorite band. It was that good. Someone sign them quick. We need a proper album and some lyrics that we can sing back as the sonic funk groove damages our hearing beyond all repair. I'm looking forward to yelling at the kids that I don't have yet who haven't even done anything wrong just because I saw every single Light Pines show I could as close to the stage as possible.

By the way: I'm new and like the stranger from the morning after a one night stand. You don't have to like me I'm here and must be dealt with quickly. Franklin Street Fighting Man reporting for duty. --Franklin Street Fighting Man

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the light pines
the light pines
the light pines

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