Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Troika 2009

Given a successful chemical balance of Stacker 3, Five Hour Energy, and Red Bull I will be dancing my camera all about Dur-ham this weekend and posting the results daily. My path along this expansive 70 plus band, three day long, ten venue festival is noted below and as you may see, while I am currently unable to bend the space-time continuum and see every act, I was aiming for the most physically demanding and vitriol schedule possible. If anyone sees areas in my path that could be more difficult than already indicated, please let me know and I will attempt it.

Thursday Nov 5
7:00 The Beast, Durham Central Park
7:45 Megafaun, Durham Central Park
9:30 Regina Hexaphone, Broad Street Cafe
10:30 Aminal, The Pinhook
11:15 Max Indian, The Pinhook
11:45 Future Islands, Duke Coffee House
11:45 The Moaners, Broad Street Cafe

Friday Nov 6
7:00: Tea and Tempests, West End Wine Bar
7:45 Liza Kate, West End Wine Bar
8:30 Birds and Arrows, West End Wine Bar
9:00 Wembley, Marvell Event Center
9:45 The Proclivities, Marvell Event Center
10:15 The Pneurotics, Duke Coffee House
11:30 All Your Science, Bull McCabe's
12:30 Dex Romweber Duo, Trotter Building

Saturday Nov 7
12:00 Durham Skatepark Grand Opening
1:30 Tin Star, Trotter Bldg
2:30 Mount Moriah, Trotter ldg
7:00 Sequoya, West End Wine Bar
7:45 James Kelly, West End Wine Bar
8:30 Tender Fruit, West End Wine Bar
9:00 Bright Young Things, Marvell Event center
9:30 Veronique Diabolique, The Pinhook
10:30 Luego, Marvell Event Center
11:15 Lonnie Walker, Duke Coffee House
12:00 The Love Language, Broad Street Cafe

Full Three Day Troika Schedule: http://www.troikamusicfestival.org/schedule.html

Troika Home: http://www.troikamusicfestival.org/index.html#home

As I will be posting a Troika-In-Picures blog each day, I invite images and photos from the concert goers. Any images sent to me by midnight each day I'll try to incorporate into my post. Forward the images or a link to their on-line home along with your name and the venue/band in the image, (or if its a party pic just a good description of what is going on in it to; carrboro (dot) ninja (at) gmail (dot) com.


  1. No way are you going to make it from the West End Wine Bar at 8:30 to see Wembley at 9:00 at the Marvell and be able to catch any of Birds and Arrows! It cannot be done! You're insane!

  2. dear brian,

    you are correct, i am insane. see you out.

  3. So. If we stay for the band after All Your Science at Bull McCabe's tonight - they are called The Beloved Binge. How could you not pick that band to see. I'm ninja-ly disappointed. I will volunteer to take photos for the blog for that one!

  4. i think you have a good point. i'm going to split time between Beloved Binge and Dex. i'll still take those pics though. wsord.