Monday, September 21, 2009

Shows This Week That We Are Either Going To See or Want To But Can't (because of work or another proportionally exiguous excuse)

Gray Young concert poster

This week I'm trying to double book Wednesday and go out well more than my body can keep up with for the remainder so here goes;

9/23 WED (The Pinhook) Luego (Patrick Phelan solo) with Kelly McFarling - acoustic show

9/23 WED (The Brewery) Lonnie Walker, Future Islands, Felix the Drum Machine - paraphrased from Bart Tomlin's press release on the show:
"You've probably heard of Future Islands, Lonnie Walker and Annuals. You may even be familiar with Jackpot! DJ, DJ Ock&Shaw, but did you know that he and members of the aforementioned bands were all in a band called Felix The Drum Machine-- in High School? On Wednesday, September 23rd, In addition to The intensely emotive electro-pop of Future Islands and the energetic jangle-rock of Raleigh favs Lonnie Walker, you'll be treated to some gems from the past that a fan of any of these bands shouldn't miss! With Brian Corum (Lonnie Walker) on bass, William Cashion (Future Islands) on guitar, Zack Oden (Annuals) on drums and Brian Shaw (DJ Ock&Shaw) on guitar and vocals, Felix The Drum Machine will be polishing and revamping songs almost forgotten."
9/24 THR (The Pinhook) Honored Guests, Aminal, Low Red Land -this is The Honored Guests first show in 36 years and their blog hints toward new songs in the queue.

9/25 FRI (Slims) Gray Young, A Rooster for the Masses -Gray Young doesn't know me and I don't know Gray Young and I don't know why this is.

9/26 SAT (Slims) Ryan Gustafson, MAX Indian, The Tomahawks -MAX Indian doesn't have this show listed on their myspace but The Tomahawks list them as playing and they should know since half of them are in MAX Indian.

sneak peak at next week:
MAX Indian, Embarrasing Fruits, Lighthouse Music 10/1 - The Pinhook
Words To Music: Songwriters Up Close ft. Django Haskins, Stuart McLamb, & Missy Thangs 10/2 - University Mall, Chapel Hill
The Sinful Savage Tigers 10/3 - Broad Street Cafe


  1. "9/25 FRI (Slims) Gray Young, A Rooster for the Masses -Gray Young doesn't know me and I don't know Gray Young and I don't know why this is."

    We don't know why this is either- do you hate us? do we smell? did we insult your family member? regardless of what we did, come up and talk to us sometime - i've always wondered who was behind secret carrboro ninja patrol.