Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Town Drunks at The Beehive Hair Salon Grand Re-Opening

New Town Drunks

You can’t stop progress nor the creativity of Carrboro entrepreneurs. The art crossed eclectically noted Beehive Hair Salon on Weaver Street in Carrboro celebrated a grand re-opening last night after forcing down interior walls and annexing the spaces behind them creating bigger and brighter room for artistic expression whether it be hanging on the wall or sitting under a salon dryer. New Town Drunks entertained the shiny spaces and happy faces with an unplugged yet voluminous performance.

The New Town Drunks fresh album The Ballad of Stayed and Gone has been released for consumption and details of a release party were whispered into my ear last night. On Saturday September 12, 2009 New Town Drunks will call to order bands of loyal followers on the sidewalk in front of The Beehive. Commencing a mobilized unplugged performance, the show will then meandrously sing its way over the hills, through the woods (and down the street) to The Local 506 where the hot amps and cold beer await a faithful production of The Ballad of Stayed and Gone. See you street side. --Carrboro Ninja

More images from Friday night;
New Town Drunks
New Town Drunks
New Town Drunks
New Town Drunks
New Town Drunks
New Town Drunks

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  1. Yo,
    this is LiLa, the group from the Durty House Party,
    I was hoping you might have a few images,
    maybe some footage,
    from the show,
    if so,
    we'd love to post them on our myspace,
    and give you credit,
    and if you end up reviewing us on this site,
    we will link to you and try to increase your traffic,
    if you know anyone else that may have photos or footage,
    we'd love to get in touch with them,,
    thanks again LiLa,

  2. hey eli you bad ass, yeah i am going to do a show review on friday night which was f'ing epic. i got a mess of pics of your set i can share but no video, some how my make shift camera stand disappeared after the Clawform set so i just said f it and took pics the rest of the night. i'll send you what i got as soon as i rip them off the camera.

    send me a myspace friend request, myspace/secretcarrboroninjapatrol cause i wanna keep tabs on LiLa